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From tin, to corrugated, to eco-friendly materials, we work with a diverse range of manufacturers in order to best serve clients across numerous market segments. Through our array of integrated services, we make the design and sourcing process as seamless as possible for our clients and ultimately deliver the end product they desire.

Child Resistant Packaging

Child-resistant packaging is designed with safety features to reduce the risk of children accessing potentially harmful substances. It typically includes mechanisms such as push-and-turn caps, blister packs, or locking mechanisms that require specific actions or tools to open, providing an additional layer of protection and preventing accidental ingestion or exposure to dangerous contents.

Child Resistant Tins

  • Certified Child Resistant
  • 16 CFR § 1,700.20 Compliant
  • ISO 8317:2015 Compliant
  • 70mm x 19mm
  • 70mm x 35mm
  • Low MOQs

  • Branded Labels
  • Label Application
  • CMYK Print
  • Foam Inserts

Full Metal Child Resistant Tin

We are pleased to present our next generation, award winning, full metal CR-Tin.  Fully recyclable, child resistant (CR), for dry and semi-dry highly concentrated or enriched products, such as food supplements or hemp-derived products.  The tins protect flavor and maintain both product & active ingredient integrity.


Child Resistant Glass Jars

Upgrade your brand with premium child-resistant glass jars. Meticulously designed for safety, featuring innovative push-and-turn caps, ideal for pharmaceuticals, topicals, or household goods. Ensure a secure, sophisticated packaging solution.

Child Resistant Bags

Elevate your brand with our child-resistant bags featuring advanced locking mechanisms. Ideal for pharmaceuticals, dry goods, or household goods, these bags combine safety, convenience, and style for responsible packaging solutions.

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Faster Speed-to-Market

Our company has the ability to bring products or services to market quickly and efficiently. This can be achieved through various means such as streamlining processes, improving communication and collaboration between teams, and leveraging technology to automate tasks. By reducing the time it takes to get a product to market, companies can gain a competitive advantage and increase their revenue potential.

Warehouse & Distribution Nationwide

We offer businesses a reliable and efficient way to store and distribute their products across the country. This service includes warehousing facilities strategically located in key regions, advanced inventory management systems, and a network of transportation and logistics partners to ensure timely and accurate delivery of products to customers.

Reduced Cost

The strategies we implement help companies to lower the expenses associated with packaging their products. This can involve finding ways to reduce the amount of material used, optimizing packaging designs to maximize space and minimize waste, or using more eco-friendly materials to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. By reducing packaging costs, companies can increase their profitability and reduce their environmental impact.


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